Best Lobster Restaurants
in and near Ogunquit Maine

Most any restaurant will do a good boiled or steamed Lobster. All that is required is a fresh live lobster and a chef who knows not to overcook it. If the restaurant is having a lobster deal that seems too good to pass up, you might want to be a little wary. I once ordered a "Twin Lobster Special" at a Chinese restaurant not normally known for lobster. One of the two was inedible. It had obviously died before being cooked and the meat had already started to break down. There is no excuse for that. The chef knows when he picks up the lobster whether or not it is still living. A deceased lobster should be given a decent burial at sea but never cooked and served to people!

These recommendations have something a little different to offer.

Mike's Clam Shack Restaurant (646-5999) on Route 1 is open year round and has excellent family fare at fair prices.

The Maine Diner on Route 1 serves a decent Lobster pie.

Lord's Steakhouse Restaurant (646-4200) on Route 1, for a very good surf & turf consisting of a lobster tail and very tender steak tips.

Windows on the Water Restaurant (967-3313) near the junction of Routes 9 and 35 in Kennebunkport has a gourmet menu with lovely views of the harbor. Award winning lobster bisque and lobster stuffed potato. They also have an original recipe award winning Lobster ravioli.

Q. What color are Maine lobsters?

A. While living they are normally a dark green with small traces of black, blue, orange or reddish orange. After cooking the color turns to the red or reddish orange that everyone associates with Maine Lobster.

Maine lobster can come in other colors as well. These two beauties were both guests of the Maine Aquarium. The chances of finding a blue lobster like this one are 1 in 20,000,000. I have a lot of respect for Maine lobstermen. They work very hard in conditions that are usually cold and wet and sometimes very dangerous. But every once in awhile they do something as a political group that just defies logic. Back in the mid 90s the Maine legislature considered whether to allow private folks to own lobsters in aquariums. The lobstermen opposed this, saying that it would lead to people thinking of lobsters as pets like dogs and cats. Duhhh ..... Like having fish in aquariums has stopped people from eating fish? And I'll bet that everyone who had a lobster as a pet would grow so fond of the little critter that they would hold it in their lap while watching Animal Planet on TV.

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